Becoming a qualified forklift operator is a 3 – 5 day process that could allow you to be able to start working within warehouses or construction sites.

Each machine has its own forklift licence. Forklift operators on the completion of a forklift training course are required to refresh their forklift licence every 3 years.

Forklift drivers are required to have a forklift licence to be able to operate within a place of work, some employers offer in-house training but most do request that forklift operators have a licence prior to starting employment.

As a forklift operator it’s your responsibility to ensure that daily checks are carried out on the forklift you will be operating i.e a counterbalance forklift, reach truck forklift, or a telescopic handler.

The safety checks would consist of checking hydraulic fluid levels, chain and fixing bolts, seat and seat belts, coolant levels and warning lights, and so on. you would be provided a checklist from the employer or if you are the employer the forklift leasing company.

Forklift training can be completed on either our Direct Training facility or either a business premises.

The duration of the training course can vary based on several factors i.e how many forklift operators are required to be trained and the level of training need.

Qualified forklift drivers earn on average £22,000 – £26,000 annually, most workplaces do not ask for experience so starting in this sector is made easy.

Direct Training’s sister company Find A Job can help to look for work placements.

In 2020 – 2021 the logistics sector has seen a huge shortage of forklift drivers as more people have started to shop online, this has increased the demand for forklift drivers 10 fold just in 12 months.

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