Logistics Training

The first part of our successful move is keeping our supply chain processing streamlined ensuring the workflow stays consistent and providing flawless logistics training to our clients.

CPCS Training

With over 65 sites located throughout the UK, if you require CPCS accredited construction plant machinery training, we can arrange this for you or your business with less than 24 hour notice.


Our Sales Consultant will be available to advise and guide you throughout your training schedule, right from the point you book your training course all the way till the end.

Business Training Requirements

Direct Training can provide a fully managed service for any business that requires a medium to a large number of operators to be trained. We can accommodate training nationally ensuring a large business has fewer suppliers to deal with.

Training Courses Delivered In 2020

We strongly support best health & safety practices ensuring even during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 we were still operational, as an essential provider to the UK logistics network.

Training Centres located Nationally

As one of the UK’s leading supply chain management and marketing companies, we design and implement industry-leading solutions for our clients and suppliers nationally with over 65 sites.